Masque of the Red Pen has edited hundreds of Indie novels over the last ten years! 


A final read-through of your manuscript just to double check for any small errors that the editor may have missed. During proofreading, I keep the main focus on any grammatical and punctuation errors.

0.0045 per word


A comprehensive edit under a microscopic lens will review and correct: 

  • Character development and growth
  • Plot consistency
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Tense usage
  • Proper punctuation
  • Proper sentence structure

Two to three passes included at Silla's discretion.

Starting at 0.009 per word


Developmental Editing takes an extensive look into all aspects of the manuscript. During this phase of editing, we can analyze the manuscript and make suggestions on developing the story correctly.  Strengthening the plot, character development, and structure.

Client must send the first three chapters of the manuscript for pricing.


All manuscripts are due on Saturday by 9pm EST, with the intent of being returned the following Friday by 9pm EST. If there is a delay, Silla will contact the client with an intended date of delivery.

Invoices will be delivered to the client upon Masque of the Red Pen receiving the manuscript for editing. 

All invoices will incur a 4% Paypal Processing Fee.

LATE FEE: $25 if If files are delivered after 6pm EST on Sunday, the day after the initial booking. 

RUSHED DELIVERY FEE: $75 if the manuscript is delivered within 72 hours of the project completion deadline.